Press Release, 7/17/2007

The Sam L. Morse Company
1626 Placentia Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Phone: (949) 378-7815
Press Release 17th July 2007, Cost Mesa, CA

Agreement has been reached between Cape George Marine Works (manufacturers of the renown Cape George Cutter series of blue water vessels) of Port Townsend, Washington, to acquire the molds, patterns and exclusive rights to the manufacture of the Bristol Channel Cutter and the Falmouth Cutter, previously manufactured by the Sam L. Morse Company.

Cape George Marine Works have indicated that they intend to offer the vessels in ?hull only? kit form, and as fully completed vessels.

Further information with regard to the future intentions of Cape George Marine Works regarding these two splendid vessels can be acquired from:
Mr. Todd Uecker
Cape George Marine Works
1924 Cape George Road,
Port Townsend, WA 98368
Tel: (360) 385-3412

Woohooo…that’s great news for all!

This is good news but I will hold the excitement until I see how Cape George Marine Works markets the FC & BCC. It would be interesting to know the base price of a Cape George Cutter 34 or 36 compared to a BCC. Hopefully, CGMW does not use the BCC to “bait and switch” a customer to the Cape George Cutter line of boats.




I recently talked to Cape George Marine. The Cape George 31 is the closet in size to the BCC 28. It has a lwl of 27 and displacement of about 16,000lbs.
A full factory finished boat would be in the 350 to 400k range. The 34 as I understand is in the same range. The labor number is the killer. Both boats (31 and 34) have a similar labor number. These boats have only a fiberglass hull. There is no deck mold at present so the labor to do a conventionally built deck with stringers beams carlins etc., is much the same it would be for a wood boat.

I too am waiting to see what develops here on the BCC.
Best to you

The very best possible successor to Sumio is Todd at Cape George Cutters. The CGC line of boats are incredibly beautiful and extremely well built. They are every bit as seaworthy as the BCC and are heavy displacement boats. But the best part is that Todd, president of CGC, is not only an accomplished shipwright who enjoys a stellar reputation in Port Townsend, but also a very nice guy; ala Sumio.
The future of the BCC is in very good hands, indeed.

Max Messmer, hornet43

Newsflash, 7/23/07
The first shipment of molds left the Sam L. Morse works for Port Townsend today. The shipment included the FC hull mold, the BCC deck mold and the ballast molds for both vessels.