Prop orientation on Saab G diesel

I recently removed the props from my 10 hp Saab diesel. It is the reversible prop system.

When I replaced the props it didn’t look quite right. My question is (don’t anybody laugh please). Is the leading edge of each prop the straight edge or the curved edge.

Would appreciate an answer soon as I’m putting the boat in soon.

I did ask Bill Miller at Saab America, in Florida, and he was not sure either.

Thanks, Larry - Dilkara

Larry, I did the same thing with my 10-G Sabb some years ago. If I remember correctly, I tried putting the straight edge as the leading edge and after I got it all together, found it it wouldn’t work that way and had to reverse them(rounded edge as leading edge).

Now I’m not absolutely sure of this. However I’m fairly sure that the will actually only go one way, and still operated properly.

Maybe someone else here is more sure.

Stan on Waxwing #22


I believe the curved edge of the prop is the leading edge. As?I recall, based on the rotation of the shaft, there is only one way to install the two propellers haves. Hope the attached diagram helps.


Thanks Rod and Stan for the information, pictures and diagrams. It was a big help. Good sailing.

Larry - Dilkara