PTF BCC Price List

Here is the most recent price list from PTF…

Below is a partial listing.? We can also provide cleats, chocks, bits/bollards, sprit heel socket with Sampson posts, blocks, port holes, turnbuckles, gooseneck, mast cap, traveler, genoa cars and track, outhaul car, thimbles or just about anything else you might want for your boat. ?
Thank you for the inquiry.
Cathy L. Langley
Port Townsend Foundry LLC
251 Otto St
Port Townsend WA 98368
V-360 385 6425
F-360 385 1947

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The larger the reality!
Bristol Channel Cutter:BCC Rudder fittings
Complete BCC rudder fittings package Machined
Bristol Channel Cutter:Bobstay Fitting 2 holes
Bobstay Fitting? 2 Holes
Bristol Channel Cutter:Boomkin bottom plate
Boomkin bottom plate 2 tangs
Bristol Channel Cutter:Boomkin stays
Boomkin stays BCC
Bristol Channel Cutter:Boomkin top plate
Boomkin top plate single tang
Bristol Channel Cutter:Bow Roller Bracket
Double Spindle Bow Roller Bracket
Bristol Channel Cutter:Bow Roller Saddle
Bow Roller Saddle 5.25 Octagon
Bristol Channel Cutter:Chainplate Set
Chainplate Set (6)
Bristol Channel Cutter:Gallow Bases
Gallow Bases (Large)? price per each…(takes a pair)
Bristol Channel Cutter:Gallow Brace Support Fixed
Gallows Brace Support Fixed (pair)
Bristol Channel Cutter:Gallow Corner Frames (Large)
Gallow Corner Frames (Large) pair
Bristol Channel Cutter:Gallow Supports
Gallow Support & Bases Adjustable pair
Bristol Channel Cutter:Gallow Tube, 41" long
Gallow Tube, 41" long (pair)
Bristol Channel Cutter:Gammon Iron
Gammon Iron without rollers
Bristol Channel Cutter:Hawse Pipes, Deep, Pair
Hawse Pipes, Deep, Pair 2.94"?? (4 pair)
Bristol Channel Cutter:Hawse Pipes, Shallow, Pair 1.62
Hawse Pipes, Shallow, Pair 1.625"
Bristol Channel Cutter:Kranze Iron
Kranze Iron 2.75" ID
Bristol Channel Cutter:Lifeline Stanchions
Lifeline Stanchion with Deck Base, priced per each? (takes 10)
Bristol Channel Cutter: Sampson Post Caps
Sampson Post Caps per pair
Bristol Channel Cutter:Whisker stay chainplate
Whisker stay chain plate for BCC-Pair price
Bristol Channel Cutter:Winch Bases
Winch Bases each

I just replaced my chainplates with Port Townsend “chain plate set” and the boomkin stays (straps that wrap from under the stern).

Please note that these are not to factory specs. They will require modification to fit existing BCC’s.

I’ve been following your thread regarding the chainplates you purchased from PTF - I can’t even begin to speculate why they would need modified since my understanding is they cast the original ones used by Sam L Morse. I had planned to purchase a set, but now I’m having second thoughts…

I can’t even begin to fathom why the PTF hardware doesn’t fit properly! Didn’t PTF make the bronze work for the SLM Co? I had originally planned to start swapping out some of my stainless fittings for bronze, but I think I’m going to hold off until these ‘fitting’ issues are sorted out.

Traveler, they may have made the bronze if there ever was a factory boat made with bronze. But the do not match the stainless steel. I measured my stainless steel against the SLM factory specs and they were right on. So when I asked PTF if their hardware matched the SLM specs they said yes. Maybe they were referring to different specs for bronze hardware.

I am attaching the factory drawings for the main chains so you can take a look. The PTF chainplates did not match these drawings and were off by a considerable amount.

I am a bit confused!

Like “traveler”, my intention has been to replace the stainless steel fittings with bronze.

My confusion is this: if I am interpreting his post correctly (under “chainplate hell”), “dwkayaks” seems to suggest that, apart from drilling his own holes, the PTF chainplates fit fine. On the other hand, “seacap” states that the bronze fittings from PTF are “not to factory specs”.

What am I missing here? Like “traveler”, I am going to hold off until this issue gets sorted out.

For what it’s worth, I have replaced my SS cranze iron and boomkin plates with bronze versions from PTF and both fitted to the BCC with no problems.

Dioscouri (#064)

I have new ptf chain plates, whisker stay and boomkin stay chain plates. I also have:

complete set of bronze lifeline …4 straight and 6 bent.

one gallow tube, one gallow corner frame,

rudder gudgeons and pintles

one pair Sampson posts with bronze caps

Freehand windvane (lower unit only)

one new bowsprit round Douglas fir

2 Barient No 10 winches

1 new Anderson 12St self tailing winch

pair of bonding plates

Whale super sub 650 bilge pump

Whale Gulper toilet diaphragm pump

Available for inspection in San Leon Texas. (30 min South of Houston Hobby Airport). If anyone is interested email me or call me on my cell 281 728 8503

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Hi Gary,
The PTF chainplates will work. You just need to fill and re-drill the holes in the hull. Like I have had to do.

Or you can have them sent without drilling the plates and do what Doug did. Only problem there is you have to go with a standard bolt so you can put a wrench on them. Or get a file and square the holes for lag bolts…A lot of work.

Or a third solution, send PTF the attached drawing and have them drill to the drawing. Just double check your plates correspond to the drawings.

I only stated the chainplates were not to factory specs, I have not checked other fittings yet. But I will send the drawings in to double check next time…
ah experience!

I have also attached a photo of my old SS plate and the PTF plate.



Thank you for taking the time and effort to respond to my message, as well as the photo and drawing. Your response has cleared up my understanding of the issue.

Gary (another one!)
Dioscouri (#064)