We have two solar panels mounted in the starboard lifelines where they live permanently and wired through a deck plug. A third panel is mounted on a swivel bracket on the boomkin.

Since we built up from a bare hull our layout is somewhat unorthodox. The batts are located on  shelf in the area below the cockpit footwell. The shelf is about waterline level and near the center of the boat. Access to the batts are through a accordion door...well, let me see if I can attach a pic...I think you can make out the folding access door between the sink and the computer setup on the quarter berth. This space (known locally as 'the brig') extends under all of the cockpit area (except for quarterberth extention and the lazzerette. Besides the batts in there is a 20 gal. water tank, 10 gal. fuel tank and six plastic milk carton size bins for dry foodstuffs and a 40lb danforth rigged for quick deployment. It also serves as a wet locker for foulies.

The big problem with the batts back there is hefting them up onto their shelf from an awkward position. Not ideal, but within 18 inches of electrical panel and two feet from the engine/alt.

There is no outside access to this area which makes it always dry.



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