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Hi Benjiwoodboat:

Lived aboard Calypso for over a full year before leaving to go cruising

  • we were working/commuting all that time, so perhaps our experience is
    valid . . . we lived aboard at Portofino Harbour, in Kemah, and both
    worked in Houston or north. We did plan (and execute) a cruise at the
    tail end of the living aboard time, so did not make many mods.

Main ones - all reversible . . . TV in main saloon (Calypso has a
double bunk forward), small college fridge on the floor to port as you
come down the companionway (and beagles CAN open the doors on those . .
.) and an air conditioner (window unit) with a truly cool (both
meanings) hose unit bringing air into both the main saloon and the
forward bunk area. Possibly the best modification has more to do with
the marina than anything else - get a slip as close as possible to the
head/ dock/ laundry!!

Friends of ours speak fondly of turning their cars into moving closets,
but I seem to recall just the hanging locker as good enough for us.
Houston had very cheap drycleaning for Jeremy’s work shirts, which
helped on the ironing front.

Living aboard in a busy marina is an incredible lifestyle, one that will
reap you incredible benefits. Best of luck with your plans, but don’t
forget - those boats are meant to MOVE!!!


S/v Calypso, BCC #6

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I looked in the database, saw one, but the information wasnt accurate. Are there any owners in NY/CT, long island sound area?

Also, looking for anyone who has lived aboard a BCC in a slip/dock as there primary residence. Since this boat was designed to migrate, I was curious to see what modifications or set ups had been worked out for a more sedentary experience.