Re: [BCC Forum Post] Bil: Re: Rigging Tension


Thank you for taking the time to answer my post about rigging tension. Your approach to rig tension is sound. I will use your tension numbers as guidelines for IDUNA.

The metric system is much easier than Imperial measurements, especially for a retired R&D chemist.

You dry humor about being 184 cm tall and possible variation in my “mileage” is wonderful. In regards to my “mileage” I am 174 cm tall (evening measurement) or about 5.5% less than your “mileage.”

Thanks for your informative post.

Fair Winds,


P.S. The image of our nesting Two Paw dinghy Jolly Mon is shown below. The bow section is the short half and nests within the aft section. Total weight is less than 40 lb. Length assembled is 7’ 8". The design is by

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