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Found your historical report on BCC # 4 upon return from Morea/Tahiti where we were cruising with our daughter and her family. I met Len a couple of years ago, when he spotted me in the S.F. Marina. Interesting chap and he was off to Florida and a motor yacht. Did not know about the theft incident but it fits the scene. Yes, the mast and goose neck are a bit higher. When we built new main with a full batten on top and three leach battens weather helm (or lee helm) disappeared.
Nice seeing you in print.

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Just as an item of interest, hull #4 was built with slightly less ballast as a special request by the owner/builder Len Barton. I believe it was something like 400 pounds less, but I could be a bit off. I seem to remember 4200# being called out as a line item on the paperwork. I searched for my archived copy of the original invoice for the hull and deck, but I couldn’t find it this morning. I will post a scan if I can find it - I know I scanned it years ago. Found some of the articles Len had published about Solita, and the report from when she was stolen and loaded with weapons, but no receipt.

Mr. Barton explained why he chose less ballast, but I really can’t remember - it may have had something to do with wanting additional carrying capacity for stores. He was also very picky about sailing characteristics, but I can’t imagine that less ballast would have improved the ride. Equally odd, when I put in a motor, I removed hundreds of pounds of lead ingots that had been placed as far aft as possible.

Just be aware that ballast adjustments could be made upon ordering a hull and deck. There was also something unusual about the mast on #4 - it was either longer, shorter, or the gooseneck was in a different position.