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We removed all the stanchions on Itchen last winter while stripping and
refinishing the bulwarks, and thus had a close look at all the fasteners.
My opinion is that the washers are sufficient, given the additional
support of the bulwark bolts. I do like backing plates for cleats and the
like but given the size of the bolts and the amount of material between the
washer and nut and the stanchion base I think something else would give way
long before the washers pulled through, or the intervening structure failed.
SV Itchen BCC #73

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Author: Dioscouri
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Subject: Lifeline stanchions
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I am refinishing my bulwarks and have therefore removed the lifeline
stanchions (which likely require re-bedding in any event). As you know, on
the BCC (at least the U.S.-built boats) the stanchions are secured to the
bulwarks. With this arrangement, is it necessary to have backing plates
below deck? I notice that there are no factory-installed backing plates
(just washers). I could easily fabricate some, but I’m wondering if
they’re really necessary. Any thoughts?