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I’ll add my $.02 . . . when you head out cruising, you will eternally be
known by your boat name (forget last names.) To be Stewart “Donna’s
Diamond” (or Stewart “Gigolo”) is something to think long and hard about.
Our personal favorite was “You Are My Darling”. Hard to spit out quickly -
Are the “You Are My Darling’s” coming over for dinner tonight?

Yes, finding a boat name is incredibly difficult!

Good luck!

s/v Calypso, BCC #6

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Remember that whatever name you pick will have to be said over phones,
VHFs, and SSB through the years. Imagine spelling it out and correcting “M”
for “N” and such. Some people I know named their boat “Upside Down” - just a
bad idea!

I enjoy reading about your building of #126.