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Rather than custom double bunk options, I’m curious about the factory
double bunk pullout. How does it work? how long does it take to set
up? What does it compromise in the cabin? Can you leave it set up and
still have a usable cabin? Is it truly comfy?


When we were cruising, friends on a sister ship had the pullout double in
the main cabin. They were reluctant to have people down below if they
hadn’t had time to tidy - we just pulled shut the curtain and let it go.

Ben Eriksen

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We love the pull-out pilot berth. We leave the sheets and blankets on the bunk when we push it back in the morning and return the outboard cushions to our dinette…the berth as a single is a great place for a nap on starboard tack…We have the factory cushions and find them perfectly comfortable. Takes very little time to set up and put away…2 minutes? We’re on the boat 4-5 weeks at a time and never feel crowded.

If visitors are uncomfortable seeing our bedding (we do wash it once in a while and it has cute little sail boats on it) we figure they weren't  BCC people anyway.


I like the slide out double berth just fine. It is easy to setup and all
compartments are still accessible. It is very comfortable. I do use a waffle
foam cover over the two cushions as there is a space between them and they
are a little uneven. It’s a great place to watch a DVD on the flat screen tv
mounted on the forward bulkhead.
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hey guys… sorry for dragging this topic out.

I found a few pics in the gallery section. How does this become that?! You guys are using the word “pullout” – I’m not sure I see how it works. And when it’s out is the table unusable? In other words, can you leave it set up as a double and still sit down to eat or work at the table - at least one side (dinner for one/two)? Or does one interfere with the other?


Some things are thought to be more complicated than they are. The pull out pilot berth has its bottom fastened to the face board of the berth. This board is the one with the dip cut into it’s top edge to ease getting in and out of the berth. This whole section slides on wooden tracks mounted to the bulkhead forward of the mast (foot end of the berth) and on the galley sink bulkhead (head end of the berth).There is a plywood top over the setee storage area that allows the port setee cushions to rest on when the berth is slid out to make the double. The face board and its bottom slide over top of this fixed top. Heavy brass door slide bolts are used to secure the berth open and closed. The berth is very easy to make up and the starboard side of the table is able to be used with the berth extended. We have removed the table from our boat and I am in the process of designing a table that will work as a cockpit table and also be used down below. You have no idea how much room you gain with the table out.
Are you still living aboard a Nor’Sea ? Not sure if this set up would work as there isn’t a lot of room to work with. Been there done that.

Bob & Lois

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