Re: [BCC Forum Post] Jeremy and Nica: Lazarette Cover Hinges


We have Murrary Snap-Apart bronze hinges on our folding galley counter which
spans the space between the gallery area and chart table -
port-to-starboard. On African Moon, we used Murray Snap-Apart hinges on the
companionway hatch leading to the aft-cabin. They work and are well built - stocks them. I have considered using
them on IDUNA’s lazarette hatch. Another solution we have seen for a
removable lazarette, is two bent brackets that are attached to the underside
of the hatch and slide under the deck aft of the lazaratte when the hatch is

bracket description: 1) mark a straight piece of rectangular steel or brass
stock into three equal sections

                            2) hold the first section on one end 

horizontal and bend the middle section down about 45 degrees,

                            3) now hold the middle section horizontal 

and bend the last section on the other end about 45 degrees up,

When you are finished, the bracket should remind you of a set of stairs
where the end sections denote the floors of the house and the middle section
represents the stairs - an elongated reversed “Z”, i.e. take the two ends of
the “Z” and pull them to unbend the “Z.”

The brackets are installed under the lazarette, such that one leg of the
partially unbent “Z” is attached to the underside of the lazarette and the
other leg of the unbent “Z” slides under the deck (coaming) aft of the

Another idea is to drill out the hinge pin part of your current take-apart
hinges and use detent pins for the hinge pins. You may need to rearrange
the hinge halves, such that the hatch can not slide to either side of the
hinges - hope that makes sense, i.e. two hinges halves would be inside and
two outside to prevent the hatch from sliding athwartship.

Sorry, I do not have a photo.