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The eyebrow (trim) on the scuttle hatch is designed to direct water away from main section of the hatch, we undercut this 7 degrees so as to direct water away and not collect at the underside of the eyebrow and rot away at the frame.

We generally back wind both the staysail and jib to make her come about quicker, keeping tension on the windward sheet until we can start hauling in the leward sheet; todate we have not had a sheet hang on the scuttle hatch.

Marty Chin

Thanks Marty, I’m going to try it that way, sounds like it will do the trick. Since I’m single handing, it also buys me time to get the boat on the new tack before bringing the headsails over. Things get pretty busy and for sure the last thing I want to do is go forward to clear snagged lines.