Re: [BCC Forum Post] Jonathan Fulford: Woodstoves on BCC

A warm sweater may be the better part of
We have a small cast iron wood stove forward on a
cabinet near the mast bulkhead, with an angled stove
pipe through the bulkhead and then right angle to a
deck mounted Charly Nelson. Its not a good set up.
I’ve mounted a small diesel burner with an external
pressure tank of diesel. Its a great system in theory
but, it is smelly, and not real efficient. Wood chips
are equally a problem. A clay flower pot over the two
burner propane stove is a simple make-do. But the
solution is a hydronic heater with small radiators and
a fan. Sounds complicated but the system must be
safe, continous, and controllable. Let us know how
you solve it.

nathaniel berkowitz, sausalito california
tel: 415 331 3314 fax: 415 331 1854


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