Re: [BCC Forum Post] nereus: Re: fatty knees dinghy

We lost our dingy while it was in the yard to a very
heavy windstorm here in Sausalito. It blew off
damaged to point not worthwhile to repair. So, where
can I obtain a Cherub? Even a bare hull?
Nate Berkowitz

nathaniel berkowitz, sausalito california
tel: 415 331 3314 fax: 415 331 1854


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Nathaniel, I have no idea what happened to the Cherub mold. I left it with the Sam L. Morse co. Sumio may have left it with Crystaliner or it went with the molds to Cape George. I have no idea if Sumio monitors this forum or not but he would be the only one with the answer. We made the Cherub with floatation molded into the floor so the floor was flat. This permitted us to make the dinghy with removable seats. We also had to mold in rigid stringers to hold the form. I removed the floatation on bottom of my Cherub. Now I have installed the fenders along the sides. I mention this because this same idea is possible on many existing hard dinghies. The fiberglass seats could be removed but leave a shelf surface to set a removable seat. If you find the Cherub, let us all know.


I recently emailed Cape George Cutters enquiring whether they had the mold for the Cherub. The President confirmed that they do have the mold and intend to eventually sell the Cherub either in kit form or complete. I indicated my interest in purchasing a completed Cherub. Perhaps if Cape George Cutter receives enough expressions of interest they will be motivated to speed up the production of the Cherub. It sounds like the ideal solution to me.