Re: [BCC Forum Post] Stan R: Re: Engine replacement - BCC


As is always the you are a weath of knowledge and write a very thorough
detailed review. I have great respect for your knowledge and

On a lighter note:

You wrote: "The best you can do to create an accurate comparison is to
ensure you are using like figures, weather it is Gross, Net, or shaft
horsepower and weather it is maximum or continuous horsepower. "

After working as a deck/engineer (deckeneer) on tugs, the simplest approach
to determine how much horsepower one needs in a BCC is to install a 3,000 hp
EMD engine in the boat and not worry about the method used to rate the hp.
I have thought about doing this with IDUNA but my wife minds me, we still
need a livable cabin space, there is no room for a 6,000 gallon fuel tank,
500 gallon lube oil tank, big oil sump, air compressors for the air
starters, pre-lube pumps, etc. Further, Lenora believes the weight of the
engine would probably sink the boat. My response is, “You worry about the
details too much.”

Have a great weekend,

Kind Regards,