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Itchen has four bilge pumps (and three buckets!).

#1 is a Whale Gusher 10, mounted inside at the aft end of the port
vertical face of the cockpit footwell. The pickup hose is routed down
to the aft-most and deepest part of the bilge and has a brass
strainer/strumbox. This is the one I consider most important because
it needs no battery power and clears quite a lot of water in a hurry.

#2 is a Rule 2000 mounted on a removable copper bar on the centerline
in the deep bilge access between the galley and the refrigerator. On
Itchen there is just enough room here between the fore and aft water
tanks. The pump can be easily pulled up for
inspection/repair/whatever by unscrewing the two thumbscrews which
attach the copper bar to the floor timber under the cabin sole. An
electronic SensaSwitch is mounted on the bar alongside the pump and is
wired to a switch (Off/Manual/automatic) This all works very reliably
as advertised and is still working just fine after three or four
years. I have considered mounting another independently wired
automatic pump linked to a high water alarm a few inches above this
pump but have not yet gotten around to it.

#3 is a Rule 300 GPM mounted on the keelson in the head. This is
manually switched and used to clear out water when the hand held
shower is used or when washing down that area. I also gets rid of any
water coming in through the anchor hawse hole before it gets further
aft. There is no limber hole in the floor timber between the head and
the mast – VERY important if you want to keep the mast step area
dry. Otherwise all sorts of trouble with mast butt corrosion, wiring
corrosion, etc.

#4 is a Whale Gusher 30 which I have rigged so as to be attachable to
the (inverted) cabin sole hatch between the galley & refrigerator,
with pickup hose and discharge hoses capable of being rigged into the
bilge and overside. This one really needs a proper seacock discharge
but I have not yet done this. This would be the pump of last resort if
taking water in extreme conditions with crew buttoned up down below. I
would make this a much higher priority if we were doing extended
offshore voyaging. With a pump of this size there are not many
placement options on a boat as small as a BCC – in fact I would be
interested in any solutions others have explored and found to work.

If any of this is of interest and seems applicable to your situation I
could post some pictures – just not today!
Al the best,

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May I ask for input from the forum re types and their location around the BCC 28, presently working out where to place in Hull 126.

this is geat stuff and just the material I need to start sorting out my own situation, thanks a lot Scott. Pics would be quite useful but only in your own good time.