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I thought about the problem and came up with a similar solution to yours. I would install bent naval brass guards at the corners between the eyebrow and the corner of the cabin sides. These could easily be made from 1/2" X 1/8" flat stock - . One could either cold bend these in a vice or heat them with a propane torch then bend them. Naval brass was (is) used in propeller shafting. I believe it is also referred to as Tolbin Bronze and Naval Bronze.


P.S. There is always a project in the works - 7’8" Two Paw nesting pram ( after installing the deadwood and keel. The boat will weigh less than 50 lb. upon completion.

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I think I see what you mean. The idea would be to fair out the overhang, so that the line just slips off and up instead of hanging up on the overhang. So I could make some angled teak pieces to fit under the overhang to do the same thing as the angled brass you made?