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If you bring your BCC into the Galveston area I can put you up with a temporary slip in Clear Lake at no cost until you make plans to have Whisper trucked to Dallas. No reward necessary, but the tall stories would be appreciated. My boat is in a well protected marina which is right outside my townhouse. The downside, you knew there was one, is that there is low water during the winter months. Access needs to be planned during high tide. There is another temporary mooring that I use at no cost if the tide is too low to get home, so let me know if this sounds inviting and we can make plans from there.

Doug Beu
s/v Fritha
BCC Hull #1

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Are there any BCC owners currently living on the Texas gulf coast? We are ending a seven year cruise and would like to bring the boat ashore for an extended refit and prep for next splash. The plan is to truck Whisper to the Dallas area and work on her there while we help family. I will be single-handing the boat up from Ecuador and will arrive in the Galveston area. We know nothing about the area and could use someone with local knowledge to help with reccomending marinas, transport, etc. Any input is appreciated and will be justly rewarded with Ecuadorian brandy, tall stories, doctored photos, etc. Cheers everyone, Ray