Re: [careening

I careened Waxwing  near Playa de Coco, Costa Rica by burying anchors (low tide) about 200 feet apart, bringing the boat in between (high tide), and propping uprights (cut locally) lashed to the chain wales.  Additional anchors were set fore and aft  to properly position the boat and the rodes of the buried anchors hauled to the masthead on halyards.  The boat stood upright on her wide keel(slightly bow down) and was securely supported by the uprights and the athwartship anchors.

Once the keel settled and the tide started out, we jumped in with 80 grit wet/dry sandpaper and sanded the bottom as the water receeded. In the next couple of hours we installed a through hull, painted a heavy coat of bottom paint on and carried out some other normal bottom job chores while the tide came back in.

This worked so successfully that three other boats, one a fin keeler, did the same. As usual when a couple of cruisers get together there was an outpouring of help along with lunches for crews, hot buns and tepid beer (after work was finished). 

(We didn't have fresh water to rinse off the hull prior to painting and I never saw any difference in how well the paint lasted from any other haulout. In fact it was two years before  we did another haul.)

Stan on Waxwing hull #22.


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