Re: Digest Number 68

the only boat I can vouch for is mine and it is solid fibreglass , at the
time it was an option to use solid or cored hull, I am still not sure that I
chose the right option as I chose to insulate the entire boat and it was a
pain to glass in all that insualtion etc. I was all the time thinking that
a cored hull would have saved a lot of work.

bruce “Tremil Sea”

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Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2000 15:13:41 -0000
From: “Rod Bruckdorfer” < >
Subject: Canadian Built BCC - Cored or Insulated Solid GRP Hull

I have been told by the owner of a Canadian built BCC (the Channel
Cutter Company) the hull from keel to deck is a solid GRP layup with
3/4" polyurethane insulation glassed to the hull from the waterline
to the deck flange. Plywood inserts (backing plates)were substituted
for the foam where the chainplates, etc. are attached to the hull.
Can anyone verify this construction schedule?