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Hi Tom,

I remember the later, not the earlier versions of the
BCC having an added option of the battery box under
the companion way stairs; I was contemplating a
similar move of batteries as ours are under the
quarter berth, could use the extra storage space,
except we have 3 Group 27 AGM batteries and the
staircase will only hold 2 batteries.

Most boats builders tend to leave the engine sucking
dead air from the bilge to run the engine, not the
prefered option, would rather run aft deck cowels and
run vent hoses to the engine room, fresh air is good
for the engine.

The stock Yanmar control panel and warning buzzer have
been working fine for years. Only weak point is the
temp switch, top has a brass post beded in green epoxy
where the screw and wire attach, not very strong,
sight bump to the post will shear the post off.

Typical Yanmar control panels have tachometer and
warning lights only, no provisions for temp/oil
pressure gauge sender on engine; using a T-fitting to
add a temperature sender in conjuction with the
temperature switch is not recommended, as the “T”
fitting pulls the switches away from direct contact
with the head and give a false temperature reading,
subsequently requires higher temperatures to set off
the alarm.

Adding a “T” fitting in conjunction with the oil
pressure switch to add a oil pressure sender will work
without ill affect.

You can get real cute with these guage/warning
circuits; in our Pan Oceanic 46, we have dual steering
stations, with independent alarm circuits for oil and
temp, we even install red led to direct us quickly to
which guage the alarm affects. The custom panels took
several days to build, if you had to pay someone to
build them for you, you could have bought 4 of the
Yanmar panels for a similar cost.

Truth is we are sailors, couldn’t give a hoot for
guages, to busy sailing to watch gauges, we only look
at them when an alarm sounds or when we get board.

Our BCC sails to weather like a witch, 25kts no
problem, staysail and double reefed main, wet and
wild, we love it.

Marty Chin, BCC Shamrock. wrote:

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  1. Keeping my cool
    From: Tom Harrer < >

Message: 1
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 10:58:19 -0600
From: Tom Harrer < >
Subject: Keeping my cool

Several questions:

Unlike the older BCC’s, my house batteries
are under my port
dinette seat. I have a gap below the engine bay
panel which allows a lot
of noise into the cabin. As I recall, many of the
earlier boats have the
house batteries behind the ladder and, I assume,
that space is completely
filled. Sumio is concerned about cooling if I fill
and insulate the
gap. Anyone have any problems?
On a related topic, has anyone found
aftermarket oil pressure and
water temp gauges that plug in to the Yanmar 3 GM
30 senders or replace
the senders without a bunch of adapters? Yanmar is
anxious to sell me a
complete new control panel but I’m not anxious to
buy one. I’ve never been
comfortable relying on the stock warning buzzer but
had more interesting
projects to play with up until now.
Finally, will our boats go to weather in
biggish winds with a
couple of reefs and just the staysail flying? I’ve
been lucky the last 3
years as most of the 25KT+ winds I’ve been in have
been reaches or runs.

Thanks for the

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