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I took my jib and stay sail to BACON’s (Annapolis
MD) to be fixed. Very nice people. They advised me
that even though they could be repaired they
weren’t good enough to take me to Bora Bora. Not
to Hawaii. May be not even to St. Michael’s.
They quoted me $1791.00 for 110% roller furling
genoa and $980.50 for stay sail. Meantime they
will repair the old ones as backup.

This is the quote:

-7.4 oz or 8.4 oz. dacron (same price)
-Contender Supercruise Dacron
-Triple Stiched seams
-Sunbrella suncovers (standard)
-Foam padded Luff (standard)
-Radial corners
-Draft stripe
Leech/footlines w/clamcleats
-Webbing Loops at head and tack
-Tell tales and sailbag

Genoa: 103 sqf
LUFF: 37’0
LEECH: 26’8
FOOT: 20’0
3/16" lufftape.

LUFF: 22’5
LEECH: 18’8
FOOT: 11’0
3/16" lufftape.

I noticed that some of you have smaller-lighter,
heavier etc. sails. Any suggestions on size and
price will be appreciated…


Prices seem about right. If your going cruising go with the heavier cloth. if your going to Bora Bora that means trade wind sailing. 15-20 knots most of the time. I would go with the jib top vs the Genoa. It is a more versatile sail than the genoa for beating and reaching. Used in conjunction with your staysail it will give you all the boat speed you need.

Then add a drifter to your inventory that sets flying. Easier to use with a roller furling jib in place.

I personally would trash the old sails if they are in that bad of shape. They will take up a lot of valuable space. I have done the spare sail thing before and have never needed them if you have good sails to begin with.

I have attached a BCC sail plan in case you don’t already have one.

ps, I moved this to a new thread so you could get some more imput.

Thanks again…
Good advice but when it comes to the future of the old sails… No siree… I can not throw my sails away… For $590.00 I will have an extra pair. I am going to get them fixed.
Meantime I am told that UV the damage was due to narrowness of the suncover. They call it candystripe effect. Because you can see both colors.

The quote:

We have looked closely at your sails and the repairs are as follows:

Restitch staysail suncovers complete 195.00

Roller Furling Genoa, Two options, as follows:

Restitch entire cover (it needs it) and install band aid patch only in area of tear at clew: 310.00

Restitch entire cover (still needs it) and install band aid patch from clew tear to head. 395.00

It appears that the suncover isn?t wide enough to protect the sail. We?re seeing UV damage along the leech just inside the edge of the cover. A band up the leech would certainly be a good idea, but knowing that this is meant to be a backup sail you may not want to invest that much money in it, but I will say that with any amount of ?serious? use the sail is likely to tear above the repair if we only address the small area now. Keeping that in mind, the decision is yours.

PS: The first pix is CERYAN, the 2nd one is Bacon’s (in Annapolis) and the 3rd one is welcoming party for Bora Bora,

I need to find a battonless, roachless and headboardless slightly used main for my BCC. I have external bronze tracks, but I an easily stitch on new slide if the sail is not set up this way.
I also need a staysail, used in good repair.
Thank you.

I have a well used main that is battonless, has a reverse roach, with the
soft head you require. It has 3 reef points. There are no slides as I had
to remove them for my new main. It had external bronze 1" slides
originally. I also have the staysail with 1 reef point. There is also a
yankee available. All three are tanbark, in serviceable condition, external
bolt rope with rattails and have hand sewn rings. The staysail and yankee
have hand sewn hanks. The sailmaker asked why I wanted the new sails
because in his opinion these would last several more years. I got new ones
anyway. When I got the boat in 2000 I took all three in to a local sail
repair shop and they repaired all three. They are the original sails for
the boat so they are from 1978 when the boat was completed. The sails came
from the loft of Spanier & Mitchell of San Diego, Ca. I believe they are no
longer in business.

Let me know if you are interested as they have been stored in my garage
since I got the new sails and I’ll need to get them out and take some
pictures for you. I’m in the Galveston Bay area.

Doug Beu

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