Re: News from Sam L. Morse

Hi everyone,
I thought I would let the group know that we, the Sam L. Morse Company will again be selling the Bristol Channel Cutter and Falmouth Cutter in kit form for a short period of time. This is the results reduced sales of completed boats because of a slow economy and the increase in costs to build.
We have always been reluctant to sell the boats in kit form because there was always a concern that an owner will try to cut too many corners which could result in a boat of a much lesser standard that could reflect on all existing boats.  However, we have seen some excellent owner finished boats both from the Canadian builder and our own factory.  I feel the owners of these boats take much pride is what they have and will produce an excellent vessel. 
Because our concern is more one of structural strength more than cosmetic appearance, we will only sell the boats as follows:
1.  Ballast installed
2.  Three structural bulkheads installed
3.  The aligning rub rail around the hull sheer so the deck will fit properly in place.
 4.  The fiberglassed deck but not installed.
Sumio Oya
President, Sam L. Morse Company
Sumio Oya
Sam L. Morse Co.