Re: Sabb Engine Exhaust Run (ATTN: Rod Bruckdorfer)

Rod, I used a Vetus water muffler also, but put it
about two feet down(lower)and two feet aft of the
water injection elbow that comes with the engine
silencer. From there the exhaust hose continues pretty
much the same as in your drawing. Except where you
have the vetus muffler I put a ball valve to shut off
the exhaust (and water coming back in in a following
sea(never used it, never happened).
My thought was that the water muffler(I forget the
proper term)could accept the volume of any water left
in the exhaust. It apparently can. I don’t remember
where the idea came from but probably not mine.

I have touched up your drawing and will attempt to
send it but don’t know if it will work. My MSpaint
program ‘disappeared’ somewhere so I’m trying to use
“picture it” or some such to mark where I put my
watermuffler. However, I think my verbal discription
is accurate enough.


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