Re: Sabb Engine info

Rod, That looks like a good set up for making the greasers more accessable. Particularly if you have the standard lazerette hatch where the tiller restricts opening of the lid.

I presume your question on installing the Sabb was one of how I got it through the hatch?

That took a little trial and error but we finally wound up suspending it via a chain through the flywheel. This cocked it at an angle that could be maneuvered into a button-hooking action (via a comealong) as it reached the hatch opening. It would probably have been easier to remove the flywheel first.

So far as a lifting method, we used the shipyard crane.

Ihave pulleditout into the middle of the sole twice to paint it and change the water pump mounting bolts. With my galley configuration this is easy as the double sink and entire front of step area can be removed with a couple of machine screws in a couple of minutes.

Looking at the pics, the steps below the sinks is a door that opens for access to the engine and shelves. This entire face can also be removed over to and including the stepped-down portion to starboard. A block and tackle (upper end supported to a 4X4 across the hatch opening)is used to hoist the engine at the lifting eye and swung forward onto the sole and set down on carboard and slid forward where it becomes very much in the way, prompting immediate attention to finish up whatever needs doing to it.

I hope I didn't misinterpret your question and blathered on here without helping.

warm seas and dry decks,

Stan "Waxwing"



  Rod Bruckdorfer wrote:

I am curious how you managed to install the 200 kg Sabb engine after you built the boat.  This would be good information if I ever need to remove the Sabb engine in IDUNA.
As a side note, I moved the two propeller shaft "greasers" from the lazaret to the forward engine access located under the companionway.  I accomplished this by purchasing two bulkhead brass fittings that have NPT threads on the inside - see attached image.  The two bulkhead fitting were installed in a 90 degree angled bracket.  The bracket was then mounted to an engine compartment bulkhead.  To grease the shaft, I used a grease gun which I connect to the zerts screwed into the brass bulkhead fittings.  Hoses connected to the bulkhead fittings carry the grease to the shaft and prop hub.
Fair Winds,

> ATTACHMENT part 2 image/jpeg name=Greaser Bulkhead Fitting.JPG

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