Re: Summer sailing plans

Sounds like fun, and maybe Vera’s is not out of the question now that it has
been resuscitated under new ownership. Though very spiffed up at least the
faux leopard skin bar stools survive, and it’s a lovely quiet creek with
good anchorages. I’d vote for very early or late season though, because we’d
hate to miss it and plan to start heading north by late May or early June
and be back in the Chesapeake around late October. How about a movable
feast with a couple of mini-rendezvous’ – one in “the Bay” and again
somewhere between Long Island Sound and Maine if anyone else plans to be up
that way?
Itchen, BCC #73

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Subject: Summer sailing plans
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Here’s a challenge (to Calypso most of all!)

Anyone in the Chesapeake up for a rendezvous this summer, preferably in
June? I guess I am thinking more of a southern/central Bay raft up (I
think we can hope to replicate the Vera’s White Sands of a couple of years
ago) Otherwise many could join up in Crisfield for the Crab Derby over
Day Weekend (get your reservations now).

Calypso is based in Deltaville. I’d love for us to get to Solomons . . .
any takers?

All the best to all as the weather looks like it may indeed turn to spring
sooner rather than later!


Calypso, BCC #6

Let me know if you plan on being in the LI Sound this summer. A rendezvous would be great in the Northport Harbor. This way you can come to my home for some food and drink.

Looking forward to a great summer.

Susie Q, BCC 115

Too soon to be sure of our itinerary but LIS is likely. If so it would be
nice to see you and Susie Q. Northport is a favorite of mine and Dottie and
I tucked in to Duck Island Harbor three summers ago en route to Maine.

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