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I initially installed a traveler on the taffrail but found very little difference in sheeting  angle of the boom as opposed to the standard (?) three set block arrangement across the taffrail; that is, one single in the center and two on the corners as turning blocks; a double on the end of the boom.  I think a traveler on the coach top would have to be forward of the companionway and thus too far forward.  The bridge deck would be the most efficient place but interferes too much with cabin access. And a mid-cockpit traveler is out of the question with such a small footwell.

I don't race so I'm not overly concerned with tweaking for perfect sail set and satisfied with adjusting draft of the sail with the outhaul and cunningham.

Stan Roeder hull#22 Waxwing wrote:

Have any of you installed a travellor on your BCC. Is the Tafrail the
only spot or can it work on the bridgedeck if you have a dodger ?

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We have a Harken self tending traveller on the
taffrail and it works perfectly. Highly recommended.
It is a must on racing machines and its well worth its
cost for cruising sail control. The main sail is your
basic source of power and deserves all the attention
it can get.
Nate Berkowitz Anita Rock

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