Shamrock is under going a minor refit this year.

We pulled the bowsprit and Samson posts, faired and epoxy sealed and
white LPU all, all are back on the boat now. The bowsprit anchor
hanger bracket use to consist of a 12" wide ss plate with a tube and
ear attached to each side by #12 wood screws; We found the screws
worked loose under the weight of moving anchors. We modified these
brackets by joining them together with a top plate welded in and
addition of a lower connecting tube and end plate assembly, it’s now
solid as a rock, darn near as heavy too.

All exterior wood being stripped and new varnish going on. Mast work
to include new VHF antenna and cable, blipper radar reflector and

On an early vacation in Iowa till second week in august, plan to
finish a re-power when we get back on a Celestie 44’, then finish
the varnish and other list of project on Shamrock before Labor Day
Cruise to Half Moon Bay.

Marty Chin-BCC Shamrock
Bay Marine Diesel
Alameda, CA.