Reviews of BCCs wanted!

Good Old Boat magazine needs us!

They’re doing a review of the BCC 28’ in an upcoming issue (not certain but I suspect the October one, which has a large audience due to the Boat Show!) Please help spread the word about these awesome vessels by contributing. Read details below.

All comments needed by May 15. Please send them to Dan Spurr ( and be sure to include the year/model of your particular boat, your name, and your city/state (or province).

Specifically, Dan wants to know about:

  • sailing characteristics (good and bad)
  • build quality (issues and accolades)
  • what you like most about your boat
  • what you like least about your boat
  • specific problems you’ve had with this boat (such as leaky hull/deck joint)
  • advice you would give to someone considering buying this boat
  • similar boats you think would be good candidates for the Design Comparisons page
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