Rod Bruckdorfer

Many of you will be unaware that one of our most prolific posters, Rod Bruckdorfer of IDUNA was involved in a cycling accident at approximately 1700 on Friday, 17th April 2015, and is currently in University of Maryland Hospital with severe brain injuries. Fortunately, Rod has recovered consciousness.

Leonora Bruckdorfer posted this a short while ago:
“Today the case worker came by and we are now on the referral for Kernan Rehab (part of the University of Maryland School of Medicine UM Rehabilitation & Orthopedic Institute) . There is a specialized unit for specific diagnostic care for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).”

As a community, I feel sure you will join me in wishing Rod’s return to full health.

Best wishes out to you Rod. Much love to a fellow sailor and bicycle rider.

Very sorry to hear this news. I wish the best for Rod and Leonora.


All the very best to you, Rod. Here’s wishing you and Leonora a speedy resolution and recovery. One day at a time, skipper.

Thanks for your melancholy news, John.

Rod is in our thoughts.

I hope to read news of Rod making steps towards recovery in coming days.


Hello Bil:

Rod is up and about; I believe he is due to be released from therapy on 28th April, if all goes well.

Leonara wrote this on 22nd April:

“Ok, I owe everyone an update on Rod. We have had a very positive experience at Kernan ( University of Maryland Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Institute). Today was a busy day with all of the evaluations for Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy. I met with the neuropsychologist today…she is just super and we clicked. The prognosis is extremely positive. He will be in rehab for a week or less. The full plan will be determined tomorrow when the team members meet and agree on the rehab plan. He has amazed me with the PT today. they had him climbing stairs…not once but three times. He has some memory issues and cognitive/problem solving issues that therapy will help address. I am so pleased that we have a rehab facility with all of these resources. So happy with our decision.”

Just to let you know that Rod was released from hospital yesterday; he will still be undergoing therapy.

Thanks for the news, John.


My very best wishes to you both at this difficult time. Here’s to a speedy recovery. Stewart and Penny Gillies