RogueWave Photo Album

Hi There Everyone.

Check out the album in the photos section of the Owners Group. I’ve
tried to document all of the BCCs that we’ve met, bought, or sold.
It’s a nice collection. I hope it will grow.

Out greatest achievement was selling Xiphias in Thailand. That did
take a huge effort as Bernie actually went to Thailand. That person,
did not buy Xiphias but having put that energy and commitment in, we
finally did find a person with the courage and confidence to actually
go buy a BCC in a far off corner of the world. And of course, Bernie
got to tour Thailand, ride an elephant, snorkle with sea snakes, and
dine for pennies on chicken and rice.

Bristol Channel Cutters definately hold there value. All of you fine
owners who are working on making your BCC perfect, keep working. It
will be worth it.