Ron Walton's Newsletter

Ron Walton’s latest newsletter with news from Dora Rose, Sapo, Penny Come Quick, New Salt, and FC #39 is available here:

Hi John and All,

My newsletter, the FC News, issue No. 31, is now available at:

Click on the iFC News link.

The website has been redesigned.

A pdf of the newsletter is available on the Archive link of the web site. Beware that it is 460 kB because of a few images. Most of the previous FC News are only about 20 kB because they contain no images.

ron walton
editor: FC News

Might be interference from all those storm winds heading San Francisco’s way, but even trying Ron’s website at, I couldn’t untangle FC News #31. For some reason it downloaded not as a .pdf, but some sort of hqx, associated with Stuffit, the Mac equivalent of Winzip.

If nobody else has had the problem, I’ll just keep chipping away in eager anticipation of reading the latest.


Pretty good service that, taking all of 27 minutes, John.

Ron, the website looks even jazzier and the .pdf reels off smoothly.