Running Rigging Specs

Aloha is getting new running rigging. I have the spec sheet, which I can scarcely read. Does anyone have the detailed specs for halyards and sheets and the basics? We measured, and I’m wondering if any of you have been through the exercise.

Any advice?


According to our sail plan:

Forestay 9/32" 1X19?approx 41’

Staysail stay 9/32" 1X19 approx 26’ 10"

Backstay 9/32" 1X19 approx 41’ 8"

Upper Shroud 9/32" 1X19 approx 37’ 11"

Intermediate Shroud 9/32" 1X19 approx 26’ 5"

Aft lowers 9/32" 1X19 approx 15’ 1"

Forward lowers 9/32" 1X19 approx 14’ 8"

Bobstay 3/8" 1X19 approx 8’

Bumpkin Stay 3/8" 1X19?approx 4’

Whisker Stays - Unknown.

Total 9/32" 1X19 wire approx 300’

7/16" running rigging is specified. We estimate, the running rigging and sheet lines require about 600’ of rope.

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I inherited the loading inventory from Tom and Jill Unruh’s boat when mine was delivered. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind my sharing it. There is a page that specs all of their running rigging which I can scan and forward to you. Let me know.



Tom Harrer
S/V Whitewings III


This information would be a good resource for the BCC discussion group.


Kate, I believe the original plan called for 9/32 wire (1x19) for the head and back stays, staysail stay and upper shrouds. Lowers were 1/4. Bobstay, 3/8. Whisker and boomkin stays 5/16. On Waxwing, I standardized just a bit by using 9/32 for the lowers instead of the 1/4.

I do not recall any running rigging being stated but we did go with 7/16 on halyards (all rope, Marlow pre-stretched three-strand), and 1/2 Samson braid on the sheets. I think all the running rigging could have been smaller by one size (strength wise), but we like the ‘fit’ for handling of the 7/16 and 1/2 inch.

Stan…Waxwing, hull #22


When BCC 115 was commissioned I got the following list for


Mainsheet - 1/2" - 96’
Jib top sheet 1/2" - 96’
Staysail sheet - 1/2" - 55’
Reacher sheet - 7/16" - 115’
Main Halyard - 7/16" - 80’
Jib Halyard - 7/16" - 85’
Staysail Halyard - 7/16" - 60’
Reacher Halyard - 3/8" - 100’
Down Haul - 5/16" - 60’
Topping Lift - 5/16" - 80’
Jib Furl - 5/16" - 60’
Main Reef Stops - 5/16" - 60’
Boom Vang - 3/8" - 40’
Lazy Jacks - 1/4" - 13’, 14’6", 13’6", 15’

The sheets were either Stayset or Staset X (I can’t remember). On the
staysail sheet I changed to 7/16 as that size fits the #16 lewmars
staysail winches better.

Hope this helps

S/V TwoLoose

Thanks Pete,
Very helpful. I think I’ll go with stayset x for halyards and the furling line.
How about some nice yacht braid for the sheets?
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Thank you all so much. This group is a great resource and we can all
pick and chose what we want to keep. I think you are right on! I
decided against the yachtbraid as it is not as traditional. I’m going
for all white lines and 1/2 stay set for all the reasons your
reccommend. I like handling a little thicker line as I can grab it.
Your thoughts an an extra long halyard are real good too.

Kate “AlohaKate”