Sail Covers, Deck Bags, and Stackpacks

Hey all,

I’m working on making new deck bags for all of my sails, as well as a stackpack for my main. This is all for my Westsail 32; I know she’s not a BCC, but I know of no other forum with as many experienced sailors as this.

Have you seen any things that you really liked about a sail cover or deck bag? Perhaps an idea of something that would make a bag or cover better? A special feature, or method for constructing? I’m sewing from scratch using 46" wide Sunbrella and PTFE/teflon thread (Solarane - like Tenara or Profilen).

I already plan to include for my jibs/stays’l:
? RIRI zippers with sun flaps held down with velcro.
? Brass clips/rings at the top and bottom of each zipper to take any strain the bag has on the stay and keep it of the zipper.
? Lifting straps at the front and back of the bags.
? A strap with brass d-ring at the after edge to attach a halyard for keeping the bag off the deck.
? Maybe a little pouch on the outside of each for keeping a few dedicated sail ties.
? Clear labels for identifying the sails.

As for the stackpack, well…I’m just going to wing it. I’m going out to measure for it this afternoon and am going to put together a sketch and plan for building. It shouldn’t be too tough, but I’ve never made something like it, or this big before, so it will be a learning experience. Actually, I have only recently learned to sew, so this is all a learning experience!

Any comments, photos, features or ideas you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and happy holidays to all!

Aaron N

Ahoy Honkin , out here in the tropics, we get a heap of mold and mildew on the sails when they are bagged and closed up.

Since the deck bags for the two head sails collect sea and rain water, we had a fore and aft mesh (aprox 5" wide) sewn into the bottom of both sail bags, for drainage and imporoved inner bag ventilation.

Also because of the intense sunlight and heat build-up, here , we had sewn in thin insulating pads in the scuttle hatch and deck box covers.

We have found that Sunbrella doesn’t take chafe well, so we have had to sew on leather patches for protection, in high wear areas.