second anchor and rode arrangement

i am just back from my first extended cruise. my current
arrangement for storing and deploying a second bow anchor is not
satisfactory. my main anchor is a 35 cqr in a custom storage
bracket/roller on the bowsprit just forward of the gammon roller, with
all chain rode leading to a manual windlass on the inner end of the
sprit. the chain goes thru the hawse pipe and is directed thru a pvc
pipe into the aft section of the chain locker. this part works fine.
for a second anchor, i currently keep a danforth style anchor
stowed tied to the base of the gallows. the rode is 35’ chain, then
nylon line. this is stored in a bag attached to the outboard side of
the chain locker and is fed abovedeck thru a deck pipe just aft of the
problems are basically related to: 1)the inconveniece of bringing
the second anchor forward and attaching it. 2)inconvenience of storing
the second rode as it must be flaked by hand into the bag.
3)poor flexibility in choice as to which anchor i retrieve first, as
the danforth must be removed and secured and the secondary rode must
be properly stored prior to retrieving the primary chain so that the
chain does not bury and/or snarl on the line.
i am thinking that keeping the second anchor on another bowsprit
storage roller is going to be necessary. the fluke anchor is a poor
candidate for this, so i may need to switch to another cqr. the 3
prongs on the bruce seem to be just so many more chances to snag the
bobstay while bringing it in. the rode could be fed down a large
diameter pvc pipe to the area forward of the bitts where it could pile
and be free of the primary chain.
my interest is in hearing what other arrangements people have made
for both rode and anchor storage, especially bowsprit anchor rollers.
john churchill

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i am thinking that keeping the second anchor on another
storage roller is going to be necessary

john churchill

Hi John,

Yes, on Godspeed I keep the second anchor on the second bowsprit
storage roller. Its a 25lb CQR with a 25ft chain leader, connected
to a 300ft of rope. The chain lead lays along the inside of the
bulwarks. The rope is coiled in the lazarette. I will sometimes
tie the chain to the bulwarks to keep it from moving around on
the deck.

When not in use, or when offshore, I store everything in the
lazarette. Or alternately, I disconnect the anchor and store it
under the table so as to keep with weight distribution towards the
center of the boat. I hardly ever use a second anchor, so most of
the time its stored away.

Mark Gearhart
S/V Godspeed