Short people & full batten mains

After two seasons with 118, I am sailing her flatter (and faster)
but still get heeled on her ear with the odd, nearshore williwaw off our
Great Lakes bluffs. Has anyone devised a workable foot brace for the
cockpit floor?
At 5’9", I can straddle the aft end of the cockpit but can’t
comfortably stretch across at the forward end…which is where I want to
be as the weather helm increases.
On a related topic. With a full batten main, I seem to have to
reef very early to maintain any kind of balanced helm. I have the mast
with virtually ‘0’ rake and moved it 1" forward this year in an effort to
kill the weather helm. I believe the full batten sail has a much more
pronounced roach which would tend to move the center of pressure
aft. Anyone else experiencing this? We make good speed but look a little
silly with 2 reefs in at 15-18KTS.

Tom Harrer
S/V Whitewings III

Tom,Sounds like your high roach full batten main is the culprit, we have a standard main and don’t put in a single reef in the main until we reach 20 knots, weather helm becomes a problem.
Marty Chin
BCC Shamrock