Should I be here?

I have a 32’ WOOD Lyle Hess channel cutter built 1999 at Rockport Marine in Maine. I have read with interest many of the threads which showed a lot of similarity to issues I have had. Are there others on here with wooden BCC’s or is this not an appropriate site for me to participate in. In any event I will certainly monitor the threads as I find them instructive. I am located in Cape Breton, NS and sail the Bras d’Or lakes, St. Pierre, and Newfoundland. Thank you in advance.


This website is dedicated to Lyle Hess boats, so you are definately part of the family.

I don’t know of any other wooden channel cutters on this site, we we do have several vessels that were not built by the Sam L Morse company.

Great and thanks for the support. I have spent considerable time on Wooden Boat but this site seems more practical and thus beneficial to me. Again thanks.

Welcome to the Lyle Hess family. I would encourage you to post some pics of your ship in the gallery section. The BCC is as close to a traditional wood boat that I will ever be. I would be interested in information on your Hess design and how the stats compare to the BCC.

Best to you
SV “Lightfoot”

I will pull together some pictures and post them if someone could tell me how to do it. I have some pictures on “photobucket” if this is the correct way to start. If not then a step by step explanation would be appreciated.
Thanks, Stephen

Well I guess I did it, so much easier than on Wooden Boat. Will now try to get some representative pictures and get them posted. Still need to know how to put them on the gallery as an album.

Good looking ship…who built her?


Add you images to the “New Uploads” gallery.

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To upload, click on the “Admin Options” box and select “Add Photos”.


if you make it to St John’s in Newfoundland be sure to look us up, 7097261008, love to see the boat and exchange stories, we have good laundry facilities for yachties and even have been known to feed them.

For Mark: she was built at Rockport Marine, Rockport ME.
For Stewart: many thanks for the offer and it just might happen!
I have posted some pictures in the “gallery” and thanks for the opportunity to share Lyle’s genius. I did get a chance to meet with him before starting the build. He was in a retirement home and failing but did seem pleased with the project. She has been everything I had expected. I extended the bowsprit another 2’ from the original drawings and the mast was designed by Brooklin Boat as the plans that came with the “32” didn’t have the correct mast plans with them. The rigging was beefed up also. The cook stove is a Luke H-3 propane that I took off my first boat and is gimballed atharwtships. The other stove (port side) has a big cooktop/oven and burns wood or coal. It is incredibly great for warming up when wet/cold.


You wrote, “Should I be here?” The answer is absolutely yes. Welcome to the family. I looked at the photos of Iolair. She is absolutely bristol fashion from stem to stern. IDUNA’s captain should be flogged for letting her varnish go to pot. Your varnish work is “A Outstanding.”

What brand of varnish do you use?

Fair Winds and Following Seas,


OK, and thanks for the thoughts. My wife does all the brightwork! How lucky can one guy get. We use Epiphanes Gloss and keep building up the coats. We have learned to live by the “every coat is an intermediate coat” rule so usually there is no stress. We keep her in the water year round and just now are starting to do the spring work. There are places where the varnish is not as “bristol” but that will change. Looking forward to a good summer.