Sirena Rebuild

Hi everyone, I just wanted to post an update on the nearing completion of Sirena hull no. 51 and to say thanks to all, for the goldmine of information on this site. Even though I don’t post here very often I read almost daily and feel like I know you all. If anyone is in the Portland Oregon area feel free to contact me.

Thanks again
Charlot Marine

This site is funded by forum members and we are always open for donations. As you stated, there is a gold mine of information at the site and excellent technical support from our forum members. I am pleased the forum was helpful while you completed your BCC. If you wish to make a donation, please contact John Cole.

Rod Bruckdorfer

Congratulations Brooks , on BCC Sirena’s resurection.

It surly was a complex and difficult job, that few could fully understand.

Most of us are completely surprised by all the details that need to be accomplished in order, to finish a rebuild.

Hope you enjoy sailing your “new” BCC .


Great Job well done, certainly a labour of love, 2900hrs of it. Wow.

Absolutely beautiful!

Dioscouri (#064)

Fantastic job - well done - the finishing of bulwarks and hull is magnificent!
I look forward to seeing shots of her under sail.

We have had two great weeks of 20+ knots - pretty rare here - and the sailing has been epic.