Source for Parachute Anchors

From Lynn & Larry Pardey

Source for Bu-Ord parachutes for para-anchor usage

The parachute we use on board Taleisin to assist us in storm conditions is actually a surplus one made for the military. We bought ours from a chandlery called Fiorentino?s who supplied them for fishboats in the San Pedro area. For many years it has been difficult to find similar BUORD parachutes. Now we have learned the same company has purchased another 400 of the 8 footers like we use, plus several 12 footers. You can contact them at: 1-800-777-0732 or 1-949-631-2336 (

We can confidently recommend these Bu-Ord parachutes as para-anchors. They are built super-strong to military specs. (See page 54 of Storm Tactics Handbook, 3rd edition for more on this Bu-Ord parachute)