Spring Time Wake Up Call!

Just felt like it was a quiet time over here at SLM forums… and we might just need a big loud “GET READY FOR SPRING” Shout out!

Teresa and I are headed to Annapolis next week to talk about our summer film adventure to find an Iceberg. Check out the movie site: http://simplequestionmovie.com If you haven’t already, please join the email list AND if you’re on FACEBOOK, join our community at http://facebook.com/simplequestionmovie.com

We are going to visit with Rod & Lenora of Iduna on the way down to Annapolis. Looking forward to that!

Then when I get back, it’s OFF WITH THE WINTER COVER! And on with some fresh varnish, paint, new HAM radio, this, that, the other thing etc… All the usual spring projects and MORE, oh so MUCH MUCH more, like making a dodger from scratch!

Hope everyone else is as excited about spring as I am.
Who else has big plans for their BCC this spring/summer?

Best to all,