Stays'l Size

Just thinking outloud here as I sail across the mouth of the Potomac River close hauled looking at my stays’l…

To my eye, when I was in Maine this past summer, the Stays’l on Taleris looked smaller then mine. I didn’t measure and compare the two closely, just had a hunch it was smaller.

I look at my stay’l now and it extends past the mast a bit, and rubs on the intermediate stay such that it curls back and causes the mains’l to luff a bit when close hauled.

I just wondered if at some point, the stays’l size was reduced to help eliminate this back winding of the main, or promote better slot.

Anyone know?

BCC Calypso uses a smaller staysail which just comes back to the forward shroud and does not rub the shroud or curl back toward the main when sheet hard. I was impressed with the staysail and the manner in which Calypso was sailed so expertly in the heavy winds (mid 20 gusting to mid 30 kt) experienced at the Turkey Shoot Regatta.


Morning Rod,

I sent you a pm re the Hospice Race. There were some great pics of Iduna
one of which was the main photo in the Rappahannock Record article on the race.

Best to you

SV “Grey Seal”

Thanks Mark. I sent you a pm.