Ten Years After

BCC 116 Zygote was first launched 10 years ago (I’m a few days early, but who’s counting?).

Before we left Zygote on 29 October, bound for Singapore to meet Sumio, we dressed Zygote in her commemorate wind curtains: see commemorativewindcurtain.jpg, about 50 KB.

From right to left we have people important to us: Sumio Oya; Tommie Whisler working on the taff rail; Dick McComb working in the sail bin; Roger Olson; Dick and Sumio carrying the jib sail furler foil; Denny (the truck driver who carried Zygote from Sam L. Morse Co to her launching, with Dick and Tommie; Roger and Lyle C. Hess (Roger presenting Lyle with the BCC half hull), two small photos of Lyle, all superimposed over a sail plan drawing and the BCC lines; and Hokusai’s famous woodblock of The Great Wave over Kanagawa (from his 36 Views of Fuji san).



Hi Bil and Zygote,

Thank you for sharing a really cool commemortive post! BCCs are sailing the world and we never want to forget the people who made it happen. So cool that Dick and Tommy both were there when your boat was built. Indigo was #113 and she is in Denmark! We just sold Galatea #117 among your sisterships which sailed around the world from CA to Annapolis MD. She is now living the the SF Bay Area being totally loved and cared for.

See you out there,