The Great Chesapeake Bay BCC Rendezvous is Here!

Aloha to all of you making the vogage,

Its happening! Sumio sends us his regards and regret that he cant attend. He did send BCC T-shirts! Oh boy.  Our destination is

"Pirate's Cove" on Trippe Creek             NOAA/NOS Chart #12266-Choptank River

About 40 miles&Position:


076-7'15"W        Cole Neill says&I have used this anchorage before. It easy to find, has a nice sea breeze with little shoreline development, is well protected, just the right size, and has good bottom. It is only 2.5nm upstream from the Strand at Oxford, yet remains fairly well secluded.

Sirius will arrive Thurs or Friday&Calypso is coming from the South..theyre well on their way. The rest of us will gather in Annapolis on Friday and leave pretty early on Saturday (like 8:00 AM ish), presumably from Back Creek. --- Thats Surprise, Iduna, Aloha, AOs famous Falmouth Cutter Polaris Jack and Bernie Jakits Solstice. Well monitor channel 16.

Lets get settled by 3:30 PM ish so we can enjoy the evening.

Bernie volunteered to go pick up our land party from the city dock in Oxford so a couple BCC lovers can join us for festivities cocktails, hors dvors, and chit chat. Skip Fritz and Riki are coming.

So bring finger food to share. Your favorite beverage. Tale tales, tips, and techniques. Well raft up for the evening and those that want to anchor on their own can do so. We do want lots of pictures as it will be nice to document our adventure on the BCC website.

In the AM&lets gather for coffee and breakfast stuff. Bring something to share if you like. Fruit, Juice, Breads, Morning sweet things&

Everyone seems ready and eager to make it a great first Rendezvous. Lets have fun.


410 573-1990 Home Office

410 262-1280 Cell Phone