Tinker folding RIB

I picked up a used Tinker folding rib from a friend who was a local Tinker dealer, its the prototype boat, weights 80 pounds, current versions weight 60 pounds. I think I perfer the heavier version, stiffer FRP/foam cored hull and rowing seat. The week I picked it up, I rowed around Alameda, it did well, but it is no Fatty Knees or Montgomery, what it lacks in follow through in rowing, doesn’t have a keel, it makes up in speed under power with a 4 hp motor, it is a sailing hull but doesn’t have the sailing rig, it folds to about 3’x3’x2’. Like most of us, I still looking for that ideal tender that can carry a load and is a joy to row. If your interested I put it up on EBay item number is: 4558862267