Hi All,
Can anyone out there recommend a boat moving company to haul a 16,000 LB boat
from Annapolis, Md to Texas? How was the experience? Would like to hear
from anyone who has shipped a boat by truck and has some “lessons learned”
they would like to pass on. Anyone you would not want to use again?

John Stone


John Stone


I had my boat shipped from western Montana to Ohio by Deepwater
Transport Enterprises (, 800-382-2628).
They did a very professional job and charged me about fifty-five cents
per mile. Loading by a heavy equipment company in Montana with an
overhead crane and unloading by a marina in Ohio with a travel lift cost
extra. My boat is small enough that it fit on the trailer with a powerboat.
At my request, the previous owner removed all the shrouds and [external]
halyards and every contact point was wrapped securely against chafe.
This may have been overkill, but it worked well. The owner of the power
boat had shrink-wrapped it, but by the time they reached Ohio the shrinkwrap had
mysteriously disappeared :-). If you stop and think about it, it’s like riding out
a hurricane for a few days, as Deepwater warned me.

Good luck,

Tod Mills