turkey shoot, anyone?

Hi all:

Anyone in the Chesapeake up for sailing the Turkey Shoot Regatta on the
Corotoman River over Columbus Day weekend? If we get 5 of us, we can have a
fleet race . . . besides, who could resist that many gorgeous boats in one

Calypso is entered, though getting dock space at this point is doubtful
(which may be better as we’ll have the dogs with us). If anyone else wants
to come, we’ll happily host drinks or something one night!

All the best to all,

Nica and Jeremy

Calypso, BCC #6

Thats’ the same weekend as the Annapolis Boatshow.

Good Luck,


Hello Nica and Jeremy

Hello Nica and Jeremy,
Nice to meet you guys at the Turkey Shoot. It was easy to spot your ship among the many in the mooring area at Yankee Pt. Looks like we did respectively well even though we only participated on Saturday. I have attached a couple of pics of your boat I was able to take. As my crew could not make it I had my hands full for the most part.

Hospice race 011.jpg

Hospice race 013.jpg

Just posted pictures of the Turkey Shoot Race. Nice picture of Calypso on the main page