Unremovable Seacock

I was going through cleaning and lubing up my seacocks and ran across this one - the port cockpit drain seacock that is unremovable, due to it facing the wrong way, and upon attempted removal the barrel hits the aft side of the tabbed-in storage bin to port of the engine.

Is this my boat only, or do others have this issue too?

It looks like you’ll have to remove it and turn it 180 degrees? Shaula has WC seacocks for the drains–still the 1981 originals. They haven’t started to leak, like yours, but I’ve replaced all the other WC tapered plug seacocks, mostly with ball valve seacocks.

If you’re going to lap this Spartan, it would probably be best to remove it and work on it using a vice on a bench?!

Yeah, I will have to turn it 180?.. I’ll leave it for now, have to make it a job for the next haulout.