Vicarious tsunami - at a newsstand near you

BCC28-072 Calliste’s skipper, Douglas Walling, has photographs of her 26 December 04 tsunami experience in a couple of recently published magazines.

At your local newsstand, look for:

Cruising World, March 2005, p. 34-5 (and the top right-hand corner of the cover) for a photo that Douglas took as the tsunami wave ripped apart the Telaga Harbour marina (Calliste is the gold-coloured mast in the centre of the pic). David Shaw has written a short piece about Douglas, Calliste and their tsunami experience to accompany the photo.

Yachting World, March 2005, p. 26 (bottom left), features another of Douglas’s photos. This photo was taken seconds before the one published in CW. YW, for editorial reasons I cannot fathom, ignored the story line in this photo (and also ignored the high resolution of Douglas’s photo: compare it to the boring pic beside it) - look closely at Douglas’s pic. It shows the first wave (of the five waves making up the tsunami train) ripping into the marina. See the cruiser hanging for dear life onto the piling? He had been standing on a pontoon dock that just disappeared beneath his feet! A second later, he was ripped from that piling by another wave. has more of Douglas’s photos, plus those of other cruisers around Langkawi, Malaysia.

Practical Boat Owner, March 2005, pp. 6 - 7, has a couple of additional photos (including some taken from the website, which was set up by cruisers) and also has a pointer to Jimmy & Doina Cornell’s website,, for information about the status of ports and harbours after the tsunami.