Video: "Odyssey" Crew does the California Delta Doo Dah

We created a short video after a week of cruising on the California Delta with Latitude 38’s first Delta Doo Dah rally.

BCC Odyssey

Thanks for the video, Wayne , I hadn’t got the chance to do the Delta, when I was in the San Francisco/Oakland area, with BCC Calliste .

I did have many fun and good days , sea kayaking the Elkhorn Slough, at Moss Landing, when my BCC was on a mooring ball in Monterey, though .

I liked your sound track too, as that brought back many happy memories, and it was sooo appropriate for that “Delta Do Dah” , theme , I guess a good many thanks should go to Latititude 38 magazine, for organizing that fun time, as well !

Many Thanks , for Sharing, your trip, With Us , Douglas

I always like seeing other BCC videos as well. Happy to know you enjoyed the Delta DooDah video. Heck, I even tune in to watch Kampei, the Japanese guy who is running and sailing around the world. Others might be interested in seeing life aboard the BCC Aeolus as she crosses the Atlantic even if it is in Japanese.

BCC Odyssey

Ahoy Wayne, I too very much like watching BCC’s in action, and under sail.

I have High Hopes that Ben, of BCC Elizabeth and Gary of BCC Shanti , will be able to contribute many happy hours of sailing BCC videos, in the near future.

We are so fortunate to have these two guys , current owners, and contributing to this forum !

As I know that Gary was taught by the best marine photographers , along with his computer skills , just look at Mike Anderson’s, website, for an example of his work.

And of course Ben , a childhood BCC fanatic, has such a willingness to share his photography and discoveries, while sorting out his onboard, maintaince, and up-grades, to us all.

This is a “Golden Age” for BCC owners , and Many Thanks to John Cole , for keeping this forum alive, too !

Many Thanks Guys, I am one, that is Glad that you are out there.

I am also glad that we have a “professer” (academic) and his wife, in our owners group , too , and they are, Bil and Meryl of BCC Zygote, just look in the maintaince section of this forum, for their work !

It will be a sad loss when Roger sells his most Loved , BCC Nerius , thinking that he will only have memories and photographs of the culmination , of all those v long hours building and putting her together, gosh, such a loss, that will be !