Virus Alert

Please note the following virus alert:

A new mass mailing e-mail worm is spreading on the Internet, masking itself as a message from Microsoft's support organization.  All messages containing the new virus purport to come from the same address: , according to alerts posted by a number of leading anti-virus software vendors.

Subject lines for messages delivering the virus include messages such as "Re: My application," "Your password," and "Approved (Ref: 38446-263)." Attachment files containing the new virus have a.PIF file extension and use names such as "password.pif," "doc_details.pif," and "ref-394755.pif," according to F-Secure of Helsinki, Finland.

A Microsoft spokesman said the company never sends out unsolicited mass e-mails with attachments. The worm began spreading on Saturday and is reported to have infected computers in 69 countries.